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sjRVusURhWDRZ (2012-07-04 04:19:46)
if it worked, there would be donezs of other units for sale from other companies in stores everywhere. When something works and would be popular (and painless permanent hair removal WOULD be popular), tons of other companies want their slice of the profit pie. So they make their own electrolysis pen so they can reap the benefits too. Do you see 10 different brands of electrolysis pens out on the shelves? Nope, because it doesn't work. I started electrolysis treatments 18 months ago. Then I saw this pen and thought I could save myself a lot of money so I bought it and stopped going. Well 4 months later I started going back to the appointments because it just didn't work. She had been doing my chin and was going to start on my upper lip when I stopped going. I told her why I cancelled and she asked me to bring the electrolysis pen in for her to look at. She told me that there is no way possible enough current gets to the hair follicle in order to kill it with this pen. It could possibly work to permanently remove the hair but it would take SEVERAL YEARS since the current is so weak. She also said, which makes perfect sense, that if there were a way for her to do her electrolysis totally painlessly don't you think she'd be using it?? She'd have a hell of a lot more customers thats for sure! Well we did a test. It was time to start on my upper lip and she could only do one section at a time so she did one side of my lip and I used the pen on the other. The difference was HUGE! My side had absolutely no change after 2 months and her side had 20%+ reduction in hair (permanent removal) and 50% of the other hair was growing back in significantly thinner. So the electrolysis pen could possibly give you some permanent hair removal after several YEARS of use, but regular electrolysis gives you a 20% reduction in hair, permanently, after 2-3 months. After several years, you should be rid of all your unwanted hair with regular electrolysis and not POSSIBLY A SMALL PORTION like you would with this electrolysis pen.

pemztoqQeXOdU (2013-01-23 18:01:14)
The DIY Rio laser hair removal kit uses a safe 808nm dirngvieg laser and is a UK designed and UK safety-tested product for treating unwanted hair growth in the privacy of your home. You can now enjoy the benefits of permanent hair removal without paying for expensive salon treatments.

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